Welcome to Zion!

We are a community that exists to experience, teach, and live out what it means to be God's people. We believe that means being a family that loves, helps, and encourages one another and welcomes our community to do the same.

Our mission is "to know Christ and make him known." We believe that Jesus invites us into a life that is full of joy and meaning. We have experienced this ourselves, and we hope that you will experience it as well.

We know that you likely have lots of other questions, and we do too! Our hope is that you will join us as we continue to learn, serve, and experience the love of Jesus and the life that he offers to us. We welcome discussion and would love to chat with you before or after our services on Sunday mornings at 10:30 am.

We welcome you to join us after the service for food, drinks, and fellowship!

Our History

Zion Presbyterian Church can trace its rich 175-year history to the humble beginnings of the few faithful who gathered for worship. The first church on Richmond Street was opened on July 25, 1860. The congregation then moved to the present church on May 11, 1913.

As you enter Zion, you are immediately greeted by our wonderful stained glass windows, the soaring wooden ceiling, balcony, pews and choir loft add intimacy and warmth surprising in a building so large.  Comfortably seating over 700, the sanctuary is often filled with the glorious music of our two-manual Casavant pipe organ.

 A congregation is not about buildings, but rather a desire to know Christ and make Him known. Through the Grace of God, Zion has been blessed with great leaders and continues to be a welcoming place to all who want to feel closer to Him.

From surviving the Spanish Influenza early last century, where we lost four faithful members; to two World Wars that took so many of our young; to the Covid crisis recently- we continue to look to the Lord for our strength. There will always be a place for you at Zion Presbyterian Church. 


What others have to say.

Dr. Mimi Larson, from Chicago, a professor, author, and catalyzer who has spent more than 25 years in Children’s Ministries, said, while visiting our church recently,

“I am deeply honoured to be worshiping with you today. We have heard so much about your congregation and the ways in which you welcome and care for children. As Keith and I were talking last night - we had a tour of the church and spent time with some of your congregation yesterday morning - we spoke about what a special place this church is.”